The designer Alessandro Corina (Grosseto, 1988) graduated from the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence in 2014 . After a period in London to study trends, he returned to his hometown with the precise idea of starting his business there. In 2019 he opened his Home Studio realizing the project presented in the degree thesis. The urban recovery concept takes shape through the transformation of an abandoned historic workshop into a place where people can live an emotional experience.
His creativity is expressed in multiple design themes, developing experience in the field of both residential and commercial interior design, from concept to realization. But it is in the field of
product design that Alessandro Corina best expresses the values that permeate his work: humanity, fantasy, courage. Everything takes shape through a meditated use of color, elements related to nature, empathy and the search for beauty.

Thanks to this vision, Alessandro was selected to participate in the Satellite salon with the prototype of the “Motus” armchair, a solid oak wood structure, on the thickness of which clay inserts are introduced.
But Alessandro’s activity is not limited to the work of Interior and Product designer. 
But Alessandro’s activity is not limited to the work of Interior and Product designer. His creativity is also expressed through the conception and realization of events and in 2022 the first edition of “Design, Function and Art” was held, an exhibition in which the works of the past and present dialogue in a harmonious way arousing curiosity, amazement and emotion in the viewer.